Early Radiohead Demo Coming Up for Auction: Consider It an Investment

Photo via I Love Retro

Photo via I Love Retro

Are you a Radiohead nut? A fan of Thom Yorke? How about an admirer of the supergroup collaboration Atoms for Peace? If you answered yes to any or all of those questions, then how much would you be willing to pay for an early, unreleased, one-of-a-kind demo of Radiohead — from before they were even called Radiohead?

A former schoolmate of the gents who presently comprise the groundbreaking rock band is auctioning his personal copy of an early, unreleased demo from 1986. This was back when the band was known by the name On a Friday. At the time, the band was a fearless foursome and Johnny Greenwood had yet to beg his way into the mix. The cassette tape (’cause that’s how it was done back then) includes nine songs, six of which have never been officially released. There have been several On a Friday demos out and about, and even previously found in online auction land, but sellers have generally asked for absurd amounts of money.

Normally, I wouldn’t bother posting something like this, but in this de-evolving age of information we’re enjoying, you can totally get into the mix of this auction. And if you’ve never bought anything at an auction (no, I’m not talking Ebay), you’re seriously missing out!

The auction will be hosted by the British company Omega Auctions, which is well-known for its specializing in rare artifacts from film, TV, music and fashion, as well as other antiquities.

The beauty of this auction item is the fact that they’re hurting for some press. The owner wants it to bring the goods, but in reality, it’s probably something desired by a couple of generations that don’t regularly attend or have an interest in auctions. And I’ll state it again: if you don’t buy at auctions, you’re missing out!

Auctioneer Paul Fairweather has offered a guesstimate that the item might bring about $1,500. So, whattaya say? The auction is scheduled for September 14th.

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