My 3 Favorite Web Videos of Forever

Today’s my last day as deputy editor of Manolith* and this will be my last article. I still have a few articles in the bank that will probably get posted in the coming weeks, but I’m choosing to use this as my opportunity to go out with a bang.

So, without further ado, I give you my three favorite web videos of all-time.

3. Ketchupbot + 20th Century Fox Theme on a Flute

This video is the vastly underappreciated redheaded step-brother of Jurassic Park Theme Song (Melodica Cover). It has roughly two million fewer views, but it also has the one thing that makes it an all-time great: the sound the ketchup makes when it sputters out of the bottle at the very end.

Have you ever had a dream like this?

And by “this,” I mean have you ever had a dream that that you um you had you’d you would you could you’d do you what you want you you could do so you you’d do you could you you want you want him to do you so much you could do anything?

We’ve all had a dream exactly like that, kid. We all have. You nailed it.

Iron Mic: Eli Porter vs. Envy

Sometimes I daydream about waking up and and realizing it’s fall, 2003 and my brain has been transported inside the body of “J-Dub” Jeremy Walker (Walkman? Wawwa?). I’d get to feel Marv-o’s long, strong arms wrapped around my shoulders as we both groove to the sick flow of Eli Porter and watch him school that busta Envy. I want it so bad.


*No, they didn’t finally decide to give me the axe. I’m moving on to a new opportunity.

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