Colorado Town Considers Licenses for Drone Hunting

Photo via PAX Christi USA

Photo via PAX Christi USA

Are you a fan of sport hunting? Or do you not understand how anyone could shoot something with a face?

How about shooting something that’s designed to capture images of your face and spy on your activity — especially those “cash crops” you’re growing in your parents’ garden? That’s the general idea of one man in Deer Trail, Colo., a town located some 60 miles east of Denver.

Phillip Steel has drafted a proposed ordinance for the town to start selling drone hunting licenses. When we say drones, we’re talking about the unmanned aircraft the United States government has recently admitted to using domestically. They range in size from machines smaller than your hand to larger than some private planes.

Admittedly, Steel has never seen a drone near Deer Trail, but he believes drone hunting licenses would send a strong political message. And he thinks they could possibly provide for some revenue in Deer Trail. The license offers a bounty (yes, Red Dead Redemption style) on any recovered drone.

The catch? The license only allows for certain rifles to be used in the sport hunting, the same rifles you could legally use when hunting fowl. And there’s no way in hell a shotgun could take out an aircraft flying at standard altitude.

So, for those of you who’ve got an anti-aircraft armory or a rocket launcher stashed away under your bed, you’d be doubly breaking the law by taking down a drone. To put it more simply, regardless of local ordinance, drone hunting would be a huge federal no-no.

Yeah, a bunch of people sport-shooting into the air at federally owned property is probably as good an idea as the federal government using the drones over U.S. soil in the first place.

That said, I’m incredibly curious as to what might happen if someone does shoot down a drone owned by the federal government. I don’t own a gun, so it won’t be me! (You hear that, Big Brother?) I’m just curious.

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