“Michael Jordan” Showed Up on ‘Fallon,’ Was Confused About His Career (VIDEO)

Photo credit: NBC

Photo credit: NBC

Kristen Wiig was scheduled to appear as a guest on last night’s Late Night With Jimmy Fallon (which was a pretty incredible episode, since this is the second article we’ve written about it and the day isn’t over yet), but the comedic actress was bumped from her slot when a sports legend showed up in the building unannounced.

Instead of asking Wiig about her film career, host Jimmy Fallon got to ask 14-time NBA all-star and six-time NBA champion, Michael Jordan.

Curiously, “Jordan” wore his old Bulls jersey to the interview. And he seemed to forget about all his famous Bulls teammates, like Scottie Pippen, and could only namedrop Larry Bird, Don, the three Jimmies and Kobe Bryant as the guys he played with. And “he” seemed to have some pretty revisionist memories of how successful “his” brief baseball career was.

Take a look:

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