Steve Jobs Movie Trailer First Ever to Premiere on Instagram (VIDEO)

Here’s a weird and kind of stupid first for you: a trailer for the upcoming Steve Jobs biopic starring Ashton Kutcher, Jobs, just became the first ever to premiere on Instagram. I suppose it makes sense that a movie about a tech innovator would be innovative in how it did its promotion, but do people really want to see advertising on Instagram?

You be the judge:

Instagram just got video functionality, of course, so it was inevitable that companies would start trying to use it to their advantage. That said, it’s a pretty awkward platform for movie promotion. Instagram videos are limited to just 15 seconds in length (much shorter than a normal movie trailer) and they have to be shot with a mobile device with the Instagram app installed. Since you can’t really shoot a movie trailer with a cell phone, that basically forces studios to hold up their phone to a screen playing a pre-edited trailer and get it on Instagram that way.

Then again, this video already has over 3,600 likes, so maybe Instagram users don’t care too much about any of that stuff. At least it doesn’t use any dumb filters.

Jobs opens in theaters on August 16.

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