‘Big Bang Theory’s’ Sheldon Has a Message For Dwight Howard (VIDEO)

This is eye-rolling fantastic, this Dwight Howard “come play for us” nonsense. Never have I seen so many people clamor over a guy who’s never won a championship, and who’s only been to the NBA Finals once in a 10-year career.

Now we’ve got the mouths of the Los Angeles celebrity scene barking for the NBA All-Star, hoping the big man will stay with the Lakers. Well, at least all the celebrities other than Jim Parsons from The Big Bang Theory, who in a much more soft-spoken manner took to YouTube to declare he wants Dwight Howard to bring his talents to Houston. Check out this random slice of awesome:

Can we all agree this video is funnier than any episode of The Big Bang Theory?

Forgive me for being a stereotyping, elitist jock, but when I think of Jim Parsons, I just don’t think of applied basketball knowledge. Learning that he’s a fan of the game is pretty cool, but let’s ask a question: is his making a video going to help the cause of Howard choosing Houston? And forgive me for being a stereotyping, elitist, amateur anthropologist, but I’d guess the chances of Howard being a fan of The Big Bang Theory is even less than his free throw percentage.

Here’s my take. Dwight Howard has more potential than any center who’s ever played the game. That includes Bill Russell, Wilt Chamberlain, Shaquille O’Neal and Hakeem “The Dream” Olajuwon. To state it again: potential.

Unfortunately, Howard would prefer to complain about how things should be, rather than get outside the figurative box to look for ways to improve his game, most notably, his free throw percentage. Fact: if Howard could shoot 70 percent from the line, he’d be unstoppable.

So, tell me this: why would you want a guy who doesn’t have the competitive discipline to figure that out? He played with Steve Nash, for crying out loud! You can’t walk up to the two-time MVP and say, “Hey Steve, can you teach me how to shoot free throws better?”

Until Howard ups his ante and starts developing his potential, he won’t win squat, regardless of who he’s with. If and when he does, he’ll win anywhere and with anyone.

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