Xbox One Built with Advertising in Mind, Microsoft Says

A new report suggests gamers could be bombarded by advertisements while they play Microsoft’s new Xbox One video game console. In a recent interview, high-ranking members of the company’s Xbox Live Advertising division said the new console’s interface was designed with advertising in mind.

Generally speaking, the interview with website StickTwiddlers is full of marketing gobbledy-gook. However, it’s still clear that Microsoft’s marketing team plans to use the Kinect peripheral (which will ship with every Xbox One package) to create all sorts of new ads.

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The scary thing: those interviewed believe gamers are as interested in advertising as they are themselves.

“On [the Xbox One], the ad is part of the actual experience, it’s not something that is outside,” the team noted. “People are not aware of clicking on the banners because they know this is a part of the whole experience on the dash.”

Microsoft’s advertising team also insists its ads will be “small and not disruptive,” and that Microsoft is “committed to protecting the user from any sort of abuse” — meaning the information collected about a user and their shopping, gaming, and viewing habits will be limited.

In the end, gamers can expect Microsoft to dramatically change its approach to advertising on the Xbox One.

“It’s going to be an exciting transition … because the 360 console wasn’t built with advertising in mind,” the marketing team said.

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