Four Tips for the Perfect Haircut

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Have you ever walked out of the barbershop disappointed with your haircut, annoyed they didn’t follow your instructions or sad you haven’t attained the perfect stock photos look that girls drool over? Try following these four easy tips to prevent that unfortunate situation from ever happening again.

“Just a trim”

This is very important. I don’t know how many of my male friends have complained to me about going to the barber asking for a “trim” and getting their hair completely shaved off. Specify to your barber (in excruciating detail if you have to) exactly how how much shorter you want your hair cut. Their definition and yours can be worlds apart, and it always helps to be specific. If they still can’t get it right, it’s time to switch barbers.

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You’ve wanted a certain style for the longest time, and now’s the moment of truth. You sit down in the chair and describe or show your barber the perfect summer cut that’ll have all the babes pulling an Axe commercial-style mob jump on your pretty face. But he says your hair isn’t long enough. Do not argue with him, do not leave in a rage and do not settle for a different hairstyle. Trust the people whose job it is to deal with hair and be patient — Rome wasn’t built in a day. You can wait for your hair to grow.

“Like this”

Bring. In. A. Picture. It’s not that hard.

Your barber will be thankful for it, and your hair will probably look more like you want it to because of it. Sometimes your descriptive skills won’t be enough to define the glorious entity that is your future hairstyle. Bring in a photo. Or better yet, bring in more than one so your barber gets the full picture. You don’t have to print it out — just save some photos on your phone. Stop being lazy and put some effort into looking your best.

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Photo credit: Shutterstock


Talk the talk

What’s the best way to speak to someone from a different country? In their native language, of course! The same thing applies to your barber. Don’t you think it would be easier to give you the cut you want if you were able to perfectly describe it? Learn to distinguish between hair sizes, learn the meaning of words such as tapered (a gradual rather than strong line at the nape of the neck), layered and so forth. Things will definitely go more smoothly.

There you have it, four tips for the perfect hairstyle. Admittedly things get hairier (pun intended) when you head to the salon, but this is a good place to start. Try these tips out and avoid the usual disappointment at the barber!

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