Sony’s ‘The Playroom’ Game Free With Every PlayStation 4

Good news, sort of: you’ll get a free game with your purchase of Sony’s PlayStation 4 video game console. Unfortunately, it won’t be a new copy of the next Infamous or Uncharted, two of the PlayStation’s AAA titles. Instead, you’ll get The Playroom, an augmented-reality application that will come pre-loaded on all new PS4s.

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Sony first unveiled The Playroom at the Electronic Entertainment Expo last month. The game uses both the DualShock 4 controller and the PlayStation 4’s camera to allow players to interact with characters superimposed on their video image.

The app is essentially designed to help Sony show off the new DualShock controller, which now comes equipped with a lightbar, a touchpad, dual motors and a speaker. Sony says The Playroom will take advantage of these new components through a variety of mini games, including air hockey.

It’s worth noting that while The Playroom and a DualShock 4 controller will come bundled with every PS4 package, the PlayStation 4 camera isn’t standard. That means The Playroom probably won’t work very well unless you spend more money buying that peripheral.

Thankfully, it’s expected some of The Playroom‘s features won’t require that camera (better known as ‘Eye’). In any case, the device only costs about $59 — though after spending $399 on a console, that might seem like a lot more cash than it is.

In any case, the PS4 will be available sometime later this year.

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