Prepare Yourself: Cronuts Are Sweeping the Nation!

Photo via Dominique Ansel Bakery

Photo via Dominique Ansel Bakery

If the growing popularity of cronuts in New York City is any indicator of things to come, we should all prepare to partake in the sweetness of this majestic pastry. The trend is at the tipping point.

WTF is a cronut, you ask? It’s the lovechild of a doughnut and a croissant. It has flaky pastry like a croissant, with a doughnutty shape and a sweet glaze that takes the phenomenon to the next level. NYC is abuzz with cronut craziness. Folks in SoHo close to the original cronut shop, Dominique Ansel Bakery, have taken to Twitter to express what I can only imagine as faux disdain:

C’mon, now! This must end? No, man. This must spread. You people in eastern cities are always spreading the earliest of the annual flu epidemic, so how about something sweet for a change?

There have been numerous cronut imitators, including crough-doughs, doughssants and frissants, but people continue to line up daily for the cronut that started it all. Yes, you can find recipes to make your own cronuts, but you’re not a pastry chef, are you?

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