Razer Blade Ultrabook Actually Plays New PC Games – But Is It Worth $2,000?

Until recently, it was hard to imagine playing newer video games on a thin and light “ultrabook” computer. However, with the release of Razer’s new 14-inch Blade ultrabook, gaming on-the-go is now easier than ever before — if you can afford it.

Photo via pcworld.com

Photo via pcworld.com

The ultrabook remains a small but growing sector within the wider laptop market. Ultrabooks are extremely light and thin notebook computers that, unlike their “netbook” predecessors, allow users to do more than just surf the web and perform simple business tasks, like filling out Excel spreadsheets.

However, few ultrabooks can play games because most ship without dedicated graphics cards. Instead, popular ultrabooks — like the MacBook Air or Sony Vaio Pro — use integrated graphics cards which are only capable of running “newish” games at low settings.

The Razer Blade, however, makes few compromises. It features Windows 8, a 14-inch 1600 x 900 resolution display, an Intel Haswell Core i7 processor, and a 2GB Nvidia GeForce GTX 765M dedicated graphics card. All in all, this makes it more powerful than the vast majority of full-sized (15.6-inch or 17.3-inch) laptop computers.

But the Razer Blade is also much more portable than your average notebook PC. When folded up, it’s thinner than a dime and it weighs just four pounds. Even the power pack has been shrunken down to a manageable size.

Photo via ibtimes.co.uk

Photo via ibtimes.co.uk

Unfortunately, it’s not all good news — drawbacks include the $1,799 price tag (and that only gets you a 128GB SSD; upgrading to 256GB will run you $2,000), a less than full HD non-touchscreen display, and an underbelly that gets awfully hot when running new games like Metro: Last Light and Crysis 3.

Still, for about two grand it’s now possible to play some seriously demanding games in the airport lounge. For business types who enjoy blasting aliens between meetings, that alone will make the new Blade ultrabook worth the cash.

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