Guy Eats World’s Last Nine-Patty, 3,360-Calorie T-Rex Burger

Photo via Reddit

Photo via Reddit

Furious Pete, a competitive eater from Toronto, Canada, has rendered the T-Rex extinct.

No, he didn’t kill a species of dinosaur, nor any other animal. Instead, he ordered the T-Rex burger at Wendy’s — and he successfully finished it.

For those not in the know, the T-Rex is a burger with nine (count ’em, nine) patties. It totals 3,360 calories, or more than 1,000 more calories than a typical adult male should eat in an entire day.

Video of Furious Pete eating the concoction was a minor viral hit, prompting Wendy’s head office to step in and instruct all franchises to stop selling the artery-clogger.

If you can stomach it, the video of Pete’s impressive feat is worth a watch:

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