Who Is This Arizona Cardinals Rookie Running 25 MPH On a Treadmill? (VIDEO)

Arizona Cardinals rookie wide receiver Robert Gill has got a great party trick. He can hit 25 miles per hour on a treadmill. Just imagine the sheer potential of a treadmill that can roll at 25 mph. It’s crazy. Now, if you haven’t already, let’s admire Gill’s feat.

Those are some blurry freakin’ legs!

Because I can read your mind, allow me to answer the question manifesting in your thoughts: how fast does Usain Bolt run? Bolt maxes out in the 27 mph range at peak speed, but averages close to 23.5 mph in his 100 meter races. So, there you have it. Robert Gill running 25 mph on a treadmill for a short time period is still ridiculously impressive. So, why haven’t we ever heard of this 29-year-old rookie?

Well, it’s probably because Gill’s entire amateur football career has consisted of a whopping three years of competition. That includes one year he played in high school, and two years he played arena football for Kansas City. Gill was a standout basketball player and track athlete in high school, but according to his track coach at Texas State University, he was just a decent runner who worked hard to become good. Some 10 years later, Gill has posted multiple 40-yard dash times under 4.3 seconds, and he was reportedly clocked at 4.19 by a coach from the Louisville Fire arena team during a tryout.

Gill considers himself a great athlete who has played various sports, and he has always remained serious about “willing” himself into the professional realm. When he was invited to work out with the Cardinals in an April minicamp, it only took practice for the Cardinals brass to see something they really liked — they offered Gill a three-year contract.

25 mph on a treadmill is worth a click and a marvel, but when it comes to Gill’s most impressive feat, his perseverance is flat-out inspiring. Here’s to hoping his career pans to reveal a little gold.

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