‘Titanfall’: The Next-Gen Game Everyone is Giddy About

One could seriously argue that June’s Electronic Entertainment Expo was the biggest E3 yet. With two major system reveals and massive controversy surrounding the Xbox One’s used game and ‘always online’ policies, the show brought forth all sorts of emotion from gamers.

Photo via digitaltrends.com

Photo via digitaltrends.com

So, you can excuse a gamer for missing what E3 was all about: the games. With so much focus on the hardware, there was less discussion about the actual titles that will be available when the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 go on sale later this year.

So, which next-gen game should gamers look out for?

According to those members of the media responsible for doling out the annual E3 Game Critic Awards, the clear winner was Titanfall, a mech-themed first-person shooter from new developer Respawn Studios.

Titanfall — which gives players the option of approaching the action on foot or in giant mechs called “Titans” — absolutely trounced the competition, winning a total of six E3 awards. That includes Best of Show, Best Original Game, Best Online Multiplayer, Best Console Game, Best PC Game, and Best Action Game.

The buzz surrounding Titanfall will provide a big boost to Microsoft, which is still nursing its wounds after an otherwise disastrous E3 showing. Titanfall is available only for Xbox One and PC and not Sony’s PS4. The game is expected to ship sometime in 2014.

Other E3 award winners: Watch Dogs for Best Action/Adventure Game; The Elder Scrolls Online for Best Role Playing Game; Need for Speed: Rivals for Best Racing Game, and Total War: Rome II for Best Strategy Game.

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