Watch This Kid Videobomb Two Aaron Hernandez Press Conferences (VIDEOS)

Ah, jeez.

What else is there to say about this? Aaron Hernandez is possibly going to jail for life. But the kid you’re going to see in the video below doesn’t care. Like his shirt suggests, sometimes you gotta “Just Do It.”

Blonde kid don’t care. Blonde kid was never really a fan of Aaron Hernandez, anyway. And blonde kid seemed to enjoy his first foray into legal mockery so much, he stuck around for an encore.

Laugh it up. Shake your head in disapproval. Furrow your brow. Maybe try doing all three at the same time. One thing is for certain: when TV cameras are rolling, people display some anthropologically magnetic behavior. Still, I gotta say, that was possibly the best encore performance I have seen in a long time … maybe since REO Speedwagon rocked my face in 1993.

Admittedly, in making light of this, I’m part of the problem. This Aaron Hernandez story is sick, sad and pretty twisted. People are dead, and a popular athlete is presumably going to fall very hard from professional and social grace. Even more sick, sad and pretty twisted: there are people who will more easily forgive Hernandez for his alleged transgressions against humanity than they ever would Michael Vick, the reformed dog abuser.

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