Doc Rivers, Bill Simmons Make for Awesomely Awkward Moment in Worst NBA Draft Ever (VIDEO)

The 2013 NBA Draft sucked. Thankfully, the X-Games were on. We can thank David Stern for the abuse of the league, as well as the welcoming of a culture that has shown little respect for the game of basketball or the history of the league.

The draft began with David Stern welcoming the crowd to a chorus of boos. The outgoing commish then proceeded to beg the crowd for more every time he stepped to the podium. The forgettable draft featured a less-than-stellar draft class, but at least there was an amazing slice of awkward in the mix.

NBA analyst Bill Simmons had been (and is still) ragging on new Clippers head coach Doc Rivers since he made the decision to leave the Boston Celtics and move over to the Los Angeles Clippers. When asked about the criticism, Rivers had this to say:

Gotta love seeing Rece Davis play the bridge between two men acting like children. The fact is, Bill Simmons doesn’t know the full story. Clearly, it’s a better move for the Celtics to clean house and truly rebuild, as opposed to forcing a coach to serve the final year of his contract, after which he would presumably leave anyway.

And Doc Rivers may have dropped the quote of the day. “I would like to call him an idiot, but I’m too classy for that…” No, man, you’re not.

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