They Might Actually Make a ‘Captain Planet’ Movie, You Guys

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Watch out, pollution. Hollywood is angling to take you down to zero.

Earth! Fire! Wind! Water! Heart!

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Sony is close to securing the rights to produce a feature film adaptation of Captain Planet, the ’90s cartoon where teens from around the world teamed up to help a really creepy, green-haired superhero protect the environment.

For those too young to remember (or too old), let’s get you caught up to speed:

Unfortunately, the good news stops there. The guys behind the proposed Captain Planet movie are the same guys who have produced some of the worst movies in recent memory: Don Murphy (Transformers), Mark Gordon (2012) and Susan Montford (Splice).

It’s unclear whether this movie will be live action or animated. Considering Funny or Die already made an awesome (and totally unauthorized) live action version of Captain Planet, starring Don Cheadle in the title role, perhaps Sony would be wise to go the CGI route.

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