Retro ‘Batman’ Theme Song As Sung By Actual Bats (VIDEO)

Photo credit: Shutterstock

Photo credit: Shutterstock

The things people choose to do with their spare time will never cease to amaze me. A YouTube user by the name of Sándor Seuntjens decided to take a bunch of recordings of sounds made by bats and assign them to different keys on a keyboard. Then, he taught himself to play the theme to the 1960s version of Batman (you know, “na na na na na na na na BATMAN!”) and he posted it online so the rest of the world could share in his extreme quirkiness.

As weird as it is that someone actually put this together, it’s worth a watch. The juxtaposition between the National Geographic documentary-derived shots of living bats and campy clips of Adam West running around in what are essentially pajamas is strangely compelling.

And, even with all the “na na na’s,” the song’s still pretty catchy.

Don’t expect the bats in this recording to take this show on tour anytime soon, though. For one thing, they’re bats. There’s also another pretty major impediment: all the sounds in this video had to be pitched down so they would be audible to human ears.

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