Listen to This Aussie-Rules Football Announcer Lose His Mind (VIDEO)

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A 52-point comeback in the NFL would be a huge deal. In fact, it would easily set the record for biggest comeback in league history.

It turns out that a 52-point comeback is a big, big deal in the land of Australian football, too.

Sports fans down under are buzzing today after the Brisbane Lions pulled off an historic comeback and squeaked out a last second victory over the Geelong Cats.

You don’t have to understand the many intricate details of Aussie-rules football to appreciate this video. All you really need to know is that catching punts (“marking”) is a good thing and kicking the ball between the big white sticks gets you points. Beyond that, just listen to the excitement in this AFL announcer’s voice and try not to crack a huge smile.

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3 Responses to Listen to This Aussie-Rules Football Announcer Lose His Mind (VIDEO)

  1. James Sheldon
    James Sheldon says:

    I know very little about this sport, and I still got chills. I love it!

  2. AFL is freaking awesome game..but has to been seen live. I’ve been to some of the biggest & best sporting events around the this seriously rates. Was at a semi final a couple yrs ago when I was down under. There was 95,000 crazy fans there!

  3. Lisa Albergo says:

    The commentator is Anthony Hudson who calls matches on Australian TV and Melbourne radio station SEN (Sports Entertainment Radio), 1116 AM on the dial. He is one of the best match callers of all time. That excitement and enthusiasm is his trademark. Check him out calling the dying seconds of the 2005 semi-final between Geelong and Sydney or the dying minutes of the 2005 Grand Final. Huddo is awesome as is Aussie Rules. I have been a fan for 30 years. And SEN is the best radio station for footy news and listening to games on line, even though you have to link in at for the radio broadcasts.
    Lisa, Chicago