Japanese Creeper Crawls to New Depths For Upskirt Thrills

Image via Sankei News

Image via Sankei News

Yasuomi Hirai, a 26-year-old fella from Kobe, Japan, was arrested earlier this month after crawling through a covered drainage ditch beneath a city sidewalk. Once there, he could set up camp under a drain panel and easily take in a little upskirt action.

You know, because that’s apparently what you do when you’re hard up for action-adventure porn.

Yep, that’s creepy. But what’s most disturbing is learning the lengths to which Hirai was willing to go to squeeze into his favorite sexual position. The drain was a whopping 35 centimeters wide and 50 centimeters deep. I know what you’re thinking: is that as small as it sounds? Yes. Applying American measurements, it’s roughly 14 inches by 19.5 inches.

While many sad dudes have gone to serious lengths to sneak a peek up a girl’s skirt, sometimes using tools like cameras and mirrors, I’ve never heard of a guy going straight-up Shawshank Redemption in order to score a few cheap thrills.

A woman told police she saw eyes staring up from inside the drain. When police arrived, the perverted perp had already wriggled out of position, but police had a suspect in mind — they had seen Hirai wandering around the drain opening before. The next time he came around for a little sky gazing, he was apprehended and admitted to the crime.

When questioned, Hirai reportedly stated, “I have done this many times.” And he went on to say, “If I could be born again, I’d like to be a street.”

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