Incredibly, Ashton Kutcher’s Steve Jobs Movie Looks Kind of Good (TRAILER)

It feels like forever ago that Steve Jobs succumbed to pancreatic cancer, but it was only 20 months ago: October 5, 2011. In that time, Hollywood set to work making a movie about the life of the man whose influence was crucial in ushering in today’s world of personal computers and mobile phones.

The trailer for that film, which is called Jobs and stars Ashton Kutcher and Josh Gad, is now upon us. Check it out:

Am I right in thinking it doesn’t look like the total disaster that a film starring Ashton Freaking Kutcher as Steve Jobs really ought to have been? Maybe it’s just a bit of trailer magic, but it actually kind of looks good in spots.

Photo credit: Five Star Feature Films

Photo credit: Five Star Feature Films

Then again, it doesn’t exactly look like the most innovative film ever. A couple years ago, The Social Network gave us an intimate and exciting glimpse inside a tech startup founded by an eccentric genius. And in 1999, the story of Apple’s creation and rise was fictionalized on the small screen in the TV movie Pirates of Silicon Valley (and there were rumors Noah Wyle was interested in reprising the role of Jobs in Jobs — it’s not like he’s doing much else these days).

Heck, Jobs isn’t even the first biopic about Jobs to be produced and released since his death — Funny or Die beat everyone to the punch with its satirical iSteve.

Still, it appears Jobs might wind up being the best movie about the beloved Apple overlord ever made. Ashton Kutcher really does pull off a convincing Steve.

Perhaps wisely, the trailer cuts off right at the moment we first see Jobs as an old, frail man. If the makers of Jobs are smart, the film will cut off around that point, too. It’s one thing to accept Kutcher as a young and full-of-life Jobs, but it’s something completely different to see him in old man makeup and not burst out laughing. Even with advanced CGI, young actors in prosthetic wrinkles never works.

Besides, Jobs should be remembered for the things he did when he was younger and full of life, not the sad way he withered away.

Jobs opens in theaters on August 16.

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