The Next ‘Terminator’ Movie to Feature Schwarzenegger vs. The Rock?

Arnold Schwarzenegger recently confirmed his involvement with Terminator 5, the upcoming sequel to the iconic franchise that hasn’t produced a good movie in the last 22 years, yet somehow still gets people excited. Schwarzenegger, of course, was the star of the first three Terminator films, but was notably absent from 2009’s Terminator Salvation (though a CGI rendering of his face did make an appearance in the flick).

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Now, it appears the Governator (do we still get to call him that now that he’s out of politics?) might be battling head-to-head, or perhaps alongside, another actor who initially rose to fame thanks in large part to his muscle-y, oily, hairless body: The Rock. is reporting that Annapurna Films, the studio that holds the rights to the Terminator franchise, is courting the WWE and Fast & Furious superstar for a major role. Precisely what role that is, we don’t know — but it has to be a terminator, right? Why else would you go after The Rock and not someone who can actually act?

There are rumors that T5 will actually be a prequel set in the days when Sarah Connor is still a child — or perhaps before she’s even born. This would make a lot of sense, as T4 basically ruined any chance of making a cool Terminator flick set in the future.

Breaking away from the confusing plots and excessive violence that hurt T3 and T4 and getting back to a story that focuses on humans just trying to survive in a world we all recognize might be just what’s needed to give this franchise a shot in the arm.

And if all else fails, the studio can just have The Rock do his hilariously horrible Arny impression for 90 minutes:

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