Was LeBron James Saying “Hate Now” or “Hey Now?” (VIDEO)

Photo credit: Steve Mitchell / USA TODAY Sports

Photo credit: Steve Mitchell / USA TODAY Sports

Despite the hopes and wishes of most of the basketball-watching world, LeBron James led his Miami Heat to a victory over the far more sympathetic San Antonio Spurs in last night’s Game 7 of the NBA Finals, securing a second consecutive championship and a second consecutive finals MVP award, too.

After the legendary Bill Russell handed James the MVP trophy named after himself, James took a moment to pose for the cameras.

Then he yelled something. Exactly what he yelled is still unclear.

Take a listen and see if you can figure it out:

It was either “hate now” or “hey now.” But which one was it?

Shouting the former after winning essentially every trophy available to be won over a two-year period is a pretty dickish thing to do. People don’t hate on LeBron because he’s successful, for the most part — they hate on him because he’s never really shown a good grasp of how to handle all his success. Gloating on stage next to a guy who’s won nine more championships than you have? Yeah, that’s something LeBron might do. Posing for the cameras at a time when showing some humility would win you countless points with the public? Oh hell yeah, that’s LeBron. This is a guy whose Twitter handle is @KingJames, after all.

But there’s a camp of people who think he just shouted the relatively innocuous “hey now.” Sure, the posing is still a bit much, but maybe he’s just a really big fan of The Larry Sanders Show.

LeBron’s past the point where it really matters what he says or what people think of him. He’s proven he can win despite the scrutiny and the hate. Maybe he really does draw motivation from it.

If he keeps acting like this, his motivational fuel reserves won’t run dry any time soon.

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46 Responses to Was LeBron James Saying “Hate Now” or “Hey Now?” (VIDEO)

  1. He says “come on now” and “hey now” it’s a cultural thing. Don’t be dramatic

  2. Another Lebron hater.

  3. There’s actually some HEAT FANS who proclaim that he is saying “HATE NOW”… and have posted it as their mantra on various online forums…. so this whole thing isn’t necessarily someone hating on him… but rather… really asking the question… did he really say that?

    I thought I heard “hey now”… until (like I said b4) a HEAT FAN, came out saying “HATE NOW” – LBJ

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