Who Wants to Bet on Tahiti vs. Spain in Soccer?

Photo via fifa.com

Photo via fifa.com

Are you the kind of guy who enjoys risking insanely large amounts of money for the chance to win what is almost literally only a few dollars? If so, the sports betting opportunity of the year is upon you. And I have the advice you need to strike it just barely richer than you already are.

No, I’m not talking about tonight’s Game 7 between the Miami Heat and the San Antonio Spurs — heck if I know who’s going to win that game and I wouldn’t advise putting any money on it.

Instead, I’m talking about Spain vs. Tahiti in the Confederations Cup. It’s a soccer game, for those who don’t follow anything outside of the World Cup and maybe the European championship.

In what could possibly be the most lopsided game of a major sport in decades, the tiny island nation of Tahiti is scheduled to play the reigning World and European champions Spain, a team that has been called the greatest ever assembled, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil today.

Tahiti only qualified for the tournament because the tournament organizers let a team from Oceania in and New Zealand choked and didn’t make it. In its first game, Tahiti was blown out 6-1 by Nigeria (a team that isn’t half as good as Spain) and its players partied like it was 1999 after scoring just one goal. Afterwards, the official Twitter account of Tahiti’s team was pretty hilarious:

Some sports books have Spain at -50,000, which means you would have to put up $50,000 for the chance to win a mere $100. Still, that’s free money! If you’ve got a cool 50 grand lying around, you’d be dumb not to do it, right?

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