Robert Downey Jr. Isn’t Ditching the Iron Man Character Any Time Soon

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Since the weeks prior to the box office debut of Marvel’s Iron Man 3, rumors had swirled that the star of the franchise, Robert Downey Jr., was planning to move on from the character he’s been synonymous with since 2008.

First, there was the matter of his contract. He originally signed on for three Iron Man films and he fulfilled that obligation this spring. There were also some things he said in interviews that strongly hinted at a desire to work on other projects. “[Recasting the role of Tony Stark] would probably be the best thing in the world for me,” he told Empire Magazine early this year. “I feel bad when I see folks doing movies and the audience is like, ‘Don’t do that anymore.’ I don’t have to overstay my welcome.”

The plot of Iron Man 3 didn’t do much to quash the rumors, as the film ends with Stark relinquishing his Iron Man suits to be with Pepper Potts, the love interest character played by Gwyneth Paltrow.

Today, we learned fans of Downey Jr.’s version of Tony Stark can breathe a lot easier. Marvel has just announced the actor has signed on to appear as Iron Man in two more films.

Interestingly, the two films won’t be Iron Man 4 and 5. Instead, the deal is for The Avengers 2 and 3. At this time, we have no idea what the plans (if any) are for future Iron Man sequels.

But we do know The Avengers 2 and 3 are shaping up very nicely.

If you’ve been following this story closely, this is the exact scenario that was rumored recently.

The Avengers 3 is scheduled to hit theaters in 2018. By that time, Downey Jr. will be 53 years old. He’s said he doesn’t see himself playing Iron Man past age 50, but it looks like he’s allowed for a bit of wiggle room.

Still, it appears exceptionally unlikely we’ll see an Iron Man played by Downey Jr. in any films beyond these two. Fans of comic books know what this means — Tony Stark’s going to die in 2018.

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