Men’s Wearhouse Fires CEO: We’ll Never Again Like the Way We Look

Photo via Business Rock Stars

Photo via Business Rock Stars

George Zimmer — not to be confused with George Zimmerman — is the gravelly voice we’ve all grown to love. Now, he’s looking for work. The founder, CEO and spokesperson of Men’s Wearhouse was just given the boot by his executive board.

Contrary to what you might assume, Zimmer wasn’t removed from power due to smoking too many cigars and becoming a cancer risk to everyone who has shot one of his commercials. According to Zimmer, he didn’t like the direction of the company and thought it needed an overhaul and a re-calibration of the corporate compass. It sounds to me like this guy has a vision for the present and future.

Obviously, the board disagreed, and they sent Zimmer packing. Was business bad? No, not at all — it was up. And probably based on a shrewd move by Zimmer, who took advantage of the crappy economy by offering ultra-cheap deals on suits and men’s accessories. Clearly, I’ve chosen my side in this travesty, regardless of all the facts.

Talk about one of the suckiest sucks that ever sucked. Zimmer developed a company from good ideas and gumption during the 1970s, started acting as the spokesperson in the mid-1980s, expanded the business offerings to reach far and wide, made a lot of people wealthy from 1990-2010, and then they kicked his butt to the curb in 2013.

This is quite disheartening. Though I’ve actually never shopped at Men’s Wearhouse, I always took comfort in George Zimmer’s, “I guarantee it.”

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