New Zealand Rugby Player Delivers NFL-Sized Hit (VIDEO)

Rugby is one of those sports that deserves much more attention than it actually gets. We wouldn’t have American football without rugby, and the rugby footballers’ desire to beat the hell out of competitors for sport. The running, ball carrying, tackling and terms like “touchdown” are all derived from rugby.

And for those who think rugby doesn’t have big hits because the players don’t wear pads? Kip Fawcett, meet Ruslan Casey.

Sweet mercy. That hit sounded like someone breaking a tree branch. Unfortunately for Casey, he delivered the blow just after the pitch was made, and it led to a try.

It’s quite refreshing to see an athlete deliver such an epic shot on the field of play, and not get up and celebrate like he just discovered the cure for cancer. He drops the hammer, realizes his team was scored on, then gets up to play on. Never did he taunt his opponent. Take note, American football players.

While you’re at it, take note of his technique coming from the blindside. It’s pretty much perfect. It’s nice to see New Zealanders have such a respect for the game and sportsmanship. This might be further proof that Kiwis are the coolest people on planet Earth.

What’s the most impressive thing about such a beastly hit? These rugby players are a bunch of teenagers in high school.

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  1. Gabriel Palmer says:

    Good Googly-Moogly that was a hit….