Extend Your Smartphone’s Battery Life: Delete Facebook and Twitter Apps

Smartphone battery charging

Photo credit: Prochkailo / Shutterstock

There are few First World problems more annoying than having your smartphone battery die at an inopportune moment. To prevent that from happening, consider deleting the battery-sucking Facebook and Twitter apps.

Facebook and Twitter place a real burden on your smartphone’s battery because they’re constantly sending you updates on every Like, tweet, comment, message, invitation and video post.

You can easily avoid the drain game by deleting the dedicated applications from your phone and replacing them with the mobile versions of Facebook and Twitter.

By bookmarking the mobile editions of Facebook and Twitter rather than using the dedicated apps, you’re only using these social networks when it suits you.

With the dedicated apps no longer running in the background all the time, your smartphone’s battery will be under far less stress. That should mean far fewer recharges and a lower chance your smartphone will crap out at the precise moment you really need to use it.

P.S. If deleting the apps isn’t an option, try turning off notifications so you don’t receive instant updates every time someone posts a photo or link to these sites.

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