Jaromir Jagr Reveals His Favorite Player Growing Up (VIDEO)

Photo Credit: Rob Grabowski/USA TODAY Sports

Photo Credit: Rob Grabowski/USA TODAY Sports

We can all agree Jaromir Jagr is a badass, one of the greatest to ever play the game of hockey.

The 41-year-old pro is a prototype for what a badass hockey player should be, and it’s nice to see him involved in this underrated championship run with the Boston Bruins.

Appropriately, as the Bruins do battle with the Chicago Blackhawks for the Stanley Cup, the players are getting more face time on TV.

Through the pomp and circumstance of the Stanley Cup finals, the players are asked to do video introductions so commentators can call up their profiles and mugshots to familiarize the casual fans. As part of a player introduction for Canada’s CBC, Jagr was asked a simple question:

Yeah. He just said that. Jaromir Jagr was Jaromir Jagr’s favorite player growing up. You just have to love hockey players.

If Jagr was his own favorite player growing up, it makes a lot of sense as to why he’s the legend that he is. But I wonder what the man might say if he were asked who his second favorite player was while he was growing up.

In all fairness to Jagr, his father is also Jaromir Jagr, so maybe he was just offering some props to good ole dad.

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