Miss Utah Offers Slice of Beautiful Nonsense at Miss USA Pageant (VIDEO)

Did you watch the Miss USA pageant last night? Of course not.

You were watching the NBA finals, enjoying some time with Pops for Father’s Day or doing anything else more enjoyable than watching an archaic dog and pony show.

So, if you didn’t watch Miss USA, then you missed this.

In the spirit of pageantry, I have to ask myself: did this gal just get choked up and freeze, or is she as well spoken as a box of rocks? I have to chalk this one up to a really bad day at the office.

I’d like to think Miss Utah’s answer was the worst to ever be offered in a pageant, but I can’t jump to conclusions on this one. Where does Miss Utah rank when compared to Miss Teen South Carolina of 2007?

Now that is just plain stupid.

At least with Miss Utah, we can see she’s flustered and doesn’t really know where to go. Miss Teen South Carolina just puts her head down and dives deep into a sea of WTF.

Therefore, I proclaim, Miss Teen South Carolina of 2007 shall continue her reign as Queen of Beautiful Nonsense.

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