Watch Australia’s Army Chief Make a Bold Statement About Military Sexual Abuse (VIDEO)

Lieutenant General David Morrison, the Chief of Army for Australia, doesn’t take sexual abuse in his army lightly. On Wednesday, he released a three minute video that cuts right to the chase. His speech offers inferential evidence of his growing irritation and frustration, though he remains incredibly eloquent throughout. He politely suggests any man who wants to be a soldier in the Australian army should also be a respectful gentleman, or find another line of work.

What you’re about to watch is pretty freakin’ awesome, and it’d be nice to see high-ranking American military personnel follow suit.

We try to keep it lighthearted and relatively fun at Manolith, but perhaps we could categorize this one in the “Good to Know” category. Seriously.

Sexual abuse, ranging from harassment to rape, has become a sick and sad issue for military units around the world. It’s not always a case involving a man and woman, though the specifics addressed by Lieutenant General Morrison would be categorized as such, with a slice of social media added to the mix. It’s beyond disturbing — and quite frankly, beyond understanding — that some people can’t quite comprehend what constitutes professional behavior in a work environment, especially when it includes an act defined as sexually deviant.

OK. Enough serious talk. Thank you for your undivided attention. As a reward, here’s a video of WTF dudetastic awesomeness.

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