Warner Bros. Green Lights ‘Man of Steel’ Sequel Before Release

Image via Legendary Films

Image via Legendary Films

Are you as wary of the upcoming Man of Steel movie as we are?

Even with the darkening of the Superman franchise thanks to Christopher Nolan‘s influence, it’s still a big risk to go all-in with director Zack Snyder. I have nothing against Snyder. In fact, I cheer for him every time out. He’s blessed with incredible talent, but you just never know what you’re gonna get when he’s the guy calling the shots. You might get the work of an auteur; you might get the work of a guy who got pushed around by the studio.

One thing that gives fence-sitters like me a little more hope for Man of Steel is the fact that Warner Bros. has already given the green light to a sequel, and Snyder will return to direct it. (Don’t worry, fellow superhero fan nerds, this announcement shouldn’t affect the development of The Justice League project, which is rapidly gaining momentum.)

What does the green lighting mean? It means the brass at WB believe the $225 million invested in Man of Steel was money well spent and Zack Snyder has sailed the ship toward a glorious sunset. It means they see the film as a wonderful followup to their successful Batman franchise of the past decade, and that preliminary figures, including sales for a pre-screening preview at the Los Angeles Film Festival, have put dollar signs in their eyes. And when they see that many dollar signs, I get excited about the potential for a quality Superman film.

I guess we’ll all find out this weekend.

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