Just Look at Justin Bieber’s Douchetastic Leopard Print Audi

Quick! Name the douchiest car of all time!

Is it a souped up Dodge Neon with shocker stickers and mudflap girl decals plastering the back bumper? No.

Is it Justin Bieber’s chrome Fisker Karma? No!

It’s Justin Bieber’s new leopard-print Audi, which was recently spotted pulling out of Miley Cyrus’s driveway.

We all know the Biebs is a drop-crotch-pants-wearing, giant-stupid-hat-loving whackjob – er, sorry, a “swaggy adult” – but this is a whole new level of wankitude, even for him. For some reason, Bieber may have paid somewhere around 150,000 real dollars for a freaking leopard-print Audi.

Feel free to gaze at this monstrosity in awe of its sheer ridiculousness for as long as you need to.

Now watch this video (sorry about all the stupid pop-ups), in which the Biebinator hilariously attempts to shield his face from the paparazzi, as though he really doesn’t think anyone can tell it’s him behind the wheel.

This is the mall-quality pinstriped fedora of cars. This is the four simultaneously popped collars of cars.

This is the Justin Bieber of cars. Whoa.

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