What Will the Patriots Do With Tim Tebow?

Photo credit: Debby Wong/USA TODAY Sports

Photo credit: Debby Wong/USA TODAY Sports

At this point, everyone is aware that the New England Patriots signed Tim Tebow — oh, you didn’t know? OK. The Patriots signed Tim Tebow.

The reported deal is for two years with no guaranteed money, and the team has signed Tebow to play quarterback behind Tom Brady and, presumably, backup quarterback Ryan Mallett.

I’m sure we all know how Tebow feels about backing up Brady, but something tells me Bill Belichick will have Tebow at #2 on the depth chart when September rolls around.

Tebow has been working with former NFL quarterback Chris Weinke since being released by the New York Jets, refining his throwing motion and working on his read progressions. Like everyone else who’s worked with the much-maligned player, Weinke has said he believes Tebow is NFL QB material.

The Patriots’ move isn’t surprising given Tebow’s relationship with offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels, who drafted the Heisman winner while he was the short-lived head honcho in Denver.

I wonder, will Belichick become the Tebow whisperer:  “Tim, why don’t you line up at tight end to get more reps in today?”

There’s no point in having a guy like Tebow unless you’re going to take advantage of his football acumen. Personally, I think he could be one of the greatest pass rushers in NFL history, but now that he’s in the system that made Matt Cassel look like a star at quarterback, I suppose anything is possible.

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