Security Footage of Pacman Jones’ Arrest Doesn’t Look Good for Him (VIDEO)

Photo credit: Kirby Lee / USA TODAY Sports

Photo credit: Kirby Lee / USA TODAY Sports

Adam “Pacman” Jones got arrested for about the thousandth time after turning himself in to police over an incident that reportedly occurred last week. The Cincinnati Bengals cornerback who was once the poster boy for NFL players getting arrested had put together a pretty good streak of staying out of major legal legal trouble, but he wasn’t able to keep it going forever.

Allegedly, Jones punched a woman outside a bar in Cincinnati, Ohio last Wednesday night. Jones says he was approached by two women asking for a photo and he rejected their request because he’s married. Soon after, violence broke out and Jones is said to have struck at least one of the women in the head with his fist. Jones claims he was acting in self-defense, after one of the women threw a bottle at his head.

He took to Twitter this morning to try to set the record straight — and get ahead of the negative PR he surely knows is coming his way:

So do we believe him? The security footage just got released, so let’s see if his story checks out:

Hmm … the video does appear to show a woman pouring something out of her bottle onto Jones (in the background of the video, at the 1:02 mark), but his reaction certainly seems over the top. He delivers a hard left and then has to be restrained by a friend. It looks like his story of not initiating the violence does indeed check out, but it also looks like this was a situation he needed to simply walk away from, rather than escalating the violence.

Ultimately, whether Jones was justified in his actions might not matter in the bigger picture: the NFL. Simply getting arrested is enough for commissioner Roger Goodell to lay down the suspension hammer — especially when you’re a player who’s brought as much shame to the league as Pacman has.

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