For Once, a Kid Stole a Baseball From an Adult (VIDEO)

I’m sure the woman in this video is an exemplary person and very deserving of a souvenir baseball from one of her favorite players on the Kansas City Royals. That won’t stop us from laughing at her failure to procure said ball.

There’s something delightfully satisfying about seeing her go from maximum excitement to stunned disbelief as a small child pops up out of nowhere and snatches the ball right from under the chin (literally). Usually, clips like this feature some dickbag adult shoving a kid out of the way to grab the ball — and then everyone hates on the guy (deservedly so) in the comments. Try to watch this video and not rage hard — it’s impossible.

It’s fantastic to see the role reversed, for once.

This story probably has a happy ending for the woman who got shafted, too. She’s pretty attractive and the player who tossed the ball was probably trying to get it to her (maybe with his phone number on it, if he’s as sly as A-Rod), so there’s a good chance he made sure she got a ball later in the game. And maybe some more balls after the game.

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