Rick Astley Daftrolled His Audience With a “Get Lucky” Cover (VIDEO)

Apparently, Rick Astley concerts aren’t just him playing “Never Gonna Give You Up” over and over and over again. Who knew? Though we still don’t have any evidence that the original Rickroller has any other original songs in his arsenal, the video above proves that he and his backing band are capable of pulling off a decent cover tune. Well, three-quarters of one, at least.

In this case, it’s the song of the summer, Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky.” Judging by the looks on the faces of the audience, Astley breaking out this song was a bit of a surprise. Could one say that he “Daftrolled” his audience? Yes, one could say that. And one would be making a very obvious and very stupid joke.

Nonetheless, the video’s worth watching. Astley’s cover is surprisingly faithful to the original… until the end, at least. I cringed pretty hard during the “I am a robot / Put your battery inside me” nonsense near the end and had to bail. I also had a really hard time dealing with the two dudes in the foreground looking into each other’s eyes and mouthing the lyrics to the song. See if you can make it farther than I did.

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2 Responses to Rick Astley Daftrolled His Audience With a “Get Lucky” Cover (VIDEO)

  1. This is the only video you need to see with “Get Lucky”:

  2. The performance you discuss was on June 1 at the Esbjerg (Denmark) Rock Festival. Check out the attached video from May 10 at the Retro Festival in Lucerne, Switzerland! IT’S EVEN BETTER!