Even Blindfolded, Johnny Football Is Unstoppable!

OK, folks. Let’s dial it back. The Johnny Manziel hype has officially jumped the shark. It’s bad enough we’re all playing along with this kid’s ridiculous nickname. When we’re reposting the video below and proclaiming it to be a “perfect pass” — you know who you are, blog(s) that did exactly that — we all need to take take a step back for sober second thought.

Is this really so incredible? Is it even impressive at all?

Let’s examine what the reigning Heisman winner did in the video above. While blindfolded, he took a relatively slow and sloppy five-step drop and then threw a decent pass to a receiver who was already standing about 20 yards downfield, directly across from where he was facing.

Uh … couldn’t any of us do that? I know I certainly could. It’s not hard to throw a ball relatively straight even with a blindfold on. It’s not hard to throw a ball 20 yards. So … what’s the impressive part?

We don’t even know that Manziel did this on his first try.

Weirdly, this was posted by the quarterback coach Manziel’s working with, George Whitfield Jr. Of all people, he should know the last thing Manziel needs is more hype — or more accusations that he’s a bit of a self-serving douche. Posting this on Vine, complete with shot of himself, mouth agape, at the end, won’t exactly help with that stuff.

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One Response to Even Blindfolded, Johnny Football Is Unstoppable!

  1. Yeah. That drop is sloppy, but that’s the key to the trick. The hard part isn’t the throw, but the dropping back in a relatively straight line with no visual gauge. This is actually a fun little skills challenge. Blind folded. Step and throw. Then three step. Then five step. Then seven step. It’s more fun (and highly comedic) to take to the baseball diamond and try to hit the strike zone from regulation rubber while blindfolded.

    Bottom line, Whitfield wants Manziel to make that money, so he can scrape a little more cream…