Zack Snyder Explains Why His Superman Goes Commando (VIDEO)

Photo credit: Warner Bros.

Photo credit: Warner Bros.

One of the first things fans notice about director Zack Snyder’s version of Superman from the upcoming Man of Steel is that he’s missing his undies. He’s still got his trademark blue suit, red cape and large S logo on his chest (which the third and final of the film’s trailers explains isn’t actually supposed to be the letter S, but instead the symbol for “hope” on the planet Krypton), but his red underpants are nowhere to be found. What’s the deal?

In the featurette (what a stupid word) below, Snyder tries to explain why his film’s costume designers decided Superman should stop publicly advertising that he’s a briefs man. Skip ahead to the 3:30 mark for the costume discussion:

So, basically, the filmmakers thought it made him look like a sissy and kitschy. But they can’t come right out and say that, because that would ruffle some feathers among fans of the classic Superman. So, instead, we get a bunch of quasi-defensive ramblings about realism, with no mention of how ridiculous it is that an alien trying to live life as a human would dress up in a shiny blue suit and giant red cape!

Of course, this is but a tiny detail in the big picture surrounding Man of Steel. If Snyder and company have actually managed to create a version of the same old Superman story we all know that actually feels fresh and exciting to today’s movie audiences, it won’t matter what costume they put him in.

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