Man Tossed in Jail For Adding Pubes to His Own Dinner

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What’s more disgusting and pathetic than a restaurant employee sneaking pubic hair to a dish to be served to a customer? How about a customer reaching into his pants to snag a few short-and-curlies for use as a garnish in his own dinner.

That’s precisely what a man in Middlesbrough, England did recently. Lee Tyers, 40, was dining out at a restaurant called Jamal’s Indian Restaurant. He ordered a plate of lamb bhuna, a curry dish that’s popular over there, but complained to the restaurant staff that he couldn’t eat it because he found some short, thick, curly hairs in it.

The owner of the restaurant apparently examined the hairs on the plate and noticed they were brown. That’s weird, he thought to himself — the entire kitchen staff has black hair. And then, hopefully, he took a long walk to really think about what mistakes he’d made in life that led to him carefully examining another man’s pubic hair.

Tyers left without paying, but the restaurant’s security cameras later revealed he’d added the pubes to his plate on his own.

As it turns out, what he did is not only disgusting, it’s also illegal. It’s fraud. Tyers was just found guilty and sentenced to 14 days in jail. Oh, and he has to pay £39.55 (about $60) in restitution. In terms of legal fines, that’s a pretty tiny amount. But in terms of entrees? Damn, that’s a pricey plate of lamb and pubes.

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  1. Question: did he put in the pubes before or after he ate most of the meal? If he put them in up front it wasn’t a very well thought out plan.