Roy Hibbert’s Out of the Playoffs, But Boy Can He Chug Gatorade (VIDEO)

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Roy Hibbert didn’t have a great week. His Indiana Pacers lost game seven of the NBA’s Eastern Conference Finals to evil LeBron James and company, and he was personally fined $75,000 for homophobic and vulgar remarks he made after an earlier game in the series.

Not everything in Hibbert’s life sucks right now, though. Even though he knows he won’t get a Gatorade bath from his teammates after winning a championship, at least he can rest assured he’s an absolute monster when it comes to drinking Gatorade.

Seriously, look at this guy go:

Here it is again in GIF form:

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Image via

Whoa. He’s basically just pouring it down his throat. And that’s not a tiny bottle of Gatorade —  that’s a standard 20-ouncer and Hibbert just has huge hands.

As the guy who posted this remarkable video on Vine notes, Hibbert gets the whole thing down in the time Vine allots you for a video: six seconds. Even more impressive is the fact that he doesn’t really kick his chugging into high gear until the least two seconds of the clip.

Good on him for taking hydration so seriously. Now maybe he can just focus on not losing to the Heat and not insulting gay people everywhere.

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