Amanda Bynes Gets an Interesting Job Offer From Playboy

Photo via In Touch

Photo via In Touch

In terms of celebrity meltdowns, Amanda Bynes is rapidly putting all of her predecessors to shame. When the Manolith team made our predictions for 2013 for celebrity arrests, Bynes was hardly on the radar. I feel duped. She’s accomplished a tremendous amount of infamy in six months.

Considering the big picture, it’s almost as if these child stars can’t handle the adult responsibility that is thrust into their hands at a very early age. Go figure. I don’t mean to make light of her situation. I’ve just become somewhat immune, swimming in it daily in Hollyweird.

Regardless of meltdown or misadventure, it doesn’t mean these individuals are without job skills. In fact, people in the midst of a meltdown are hot commodities — especially as freelancing guest artists. The latter seems to be the case for Ms. Bynes, who was recently contacted by Playboy about a potential one-day stint. Nah, it’s not the one-day stint you’re thinking. Playboy doesn’t want the “adventurous” Bynes to disrobe in print. The nudey empire simply wants her to co-host Playboy Radio for a day.

I’m not one who has ever listened to Playboy Radio, though I have been a subscriber to SiriusXM. Maybe I should have given it a try, but, for some reason, the thought of talk radio owned and sponsored by Playboy seems… well… like the stupidest thing ever devised. That said, if Amanda Bynes takes them up on the offer, it might be worth tuning in. There’s nothing quite like taking in an afternoon of crazy to help refresh your personal perspective.

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