Kanye West’s ‘Yeezus’ CD Cover Is Invisible, Inconsequential (PHOTO)

Photo credit: Def Jam Recordings

Photo credit: Def Jam Recordings

See that? That’s the album cover for Kanye West’s upcoming album, humbly titled Yeezus. Well, actually, you probably don’t “see that” — because there’s nothing to see. The CD has no cover. All you get is a clear case and a sticker with the word Yeezus scribbled on it. Very minimalistic, Kanye.

Frankly, Kanye’s label probably figured it might as well save a few bucks by not bothering to print CD booklets for Yeezus. Though labels would insist otherwise, I have a suspicion no one on earth has actually purchased a physical CD in over a decade. Do you know anyone who has? Grandmas don’t count. The fact that discs are still printed at all is surely due to some kind of contractual obligation and not because of the demands of the market, right?

Of course, Kanye will probably say the reason there’s no cover is so the music is the focus, or something like that. We know the real reason, though — Kanye’s a penny pincher.

To hear a short audio sample from a track on the album called “Bound,” hit up kanyewest.com.

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