DICE Ditches ‘Bad Company’ In Favor of Boring ‘Battlefield’ Theme

DICE, the development team behind the Battlefield first-person shooter franchise, says it is no longer working on the Bad Company franchise. Instead, it’s focusing all of its attention on Battlefield 4, a game that picks up the generic, dull storyline and theme of its predecessor, Battlefield 3.

Photo via pcgameshardware.com

Photo via pcgameshardware.com

In the past, DICE has produced two versions of its Battlefield series: the very serious Battlefield and Battlefield: Bad Company, which features lively characters and an ample dosage of humor.

Unlike the plain-jane Battlefield games, which take themselves way too seriously and essentially replicate the storylines seen in the Call of Duty games, Bad Company offers stories and characters we might actually care about.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear DICE is about to return to Bad Company any time soon. In fact, the company recently took to Twitter to announce that although the firm “love[s] the Bad Company series,” it does not “have it in active development.”

Instead, DICE says “Battlefield 4 is our main focus for the year.”

DICE gave no indication that it would return to the Bad Company series any time soon.

Surprisingly, however, we may have a Bad Company television show in the near future. Reports indicate that Fox and Bad Company publisher Electronic Arts are working together on a new action-comedy show.

So, Bad Company is interesting enough to warrant a TV show but not a game? If there’s logic there, I don’t follow it.

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