First Ever Amputee Soccer Game Sparks Huge Brawl (VIDEO)

A soccer game between handicapped athletes from the Netherlands and Belgium — the first ever amputee soccer game between the two neighboring nations — quickly turned from a showcase of sportsmanship to an outright brawl. Sadly, it was the able-bodied supporters of the two teams who were responsible for most of the fighting.

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All of the game’s players were men who had suffered a leg amputation at some point in their lives. All the players, other than the goalies, used crutches to move around on the field.

It was the use of a crutch as a weapon that sparked the brawl. After a harmless collision during play and some mild scuffling between players, No. 10 on the Netherlands (the orange team) crossed a line by using his crutch as a weapon. He tried to strike an opponent in the head, which, as you can imagine, his opponent wasn’t too happy about. You can see it happen at about the 0:30 mark in the video above.

At that point, things really got out of hand. Able-bodied supporters of both sides ran onto the field and starting brawling. Blue backpack dude and pink t-shirt bro start throwing haymakers (0:36), but perhaps the best (worst?) part of it all is when brown jacket guy enters the fray with the worst flying kick you’ll ever see (0:45).

All in all, it was a pretty pathetic end to what should have been a shining example of goodwill between nations and perseverance of individuals. But it sure builds hype for the rematch between these two squads.

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