Tech Company ET3 Wants to Make Travel Possible at 4,000 MPH (VIDEO)

Image via ET3

Image via ET3

What would you think about a 45 minute trip from Los Angeles to New York City?

Being a Los Angeleno, I can’t really fathom the possibility because it takes me 45 minutes to get from my place to Santa Monica… and that’s when there’s no traffic. Even so, it seems I’ll need to set my doubt aside.

According to the transportation tech company ET3, their Evacuated Tube Transport system would be capable of traveling at speeds up to 4,000 mph, while transporting up to six passengers, and their luggage, in a cylindrical capsule which would run through an exceptionally long tube.

Hey. It has worked for things such as water, oil and sewage for years, so why not humanity and their luggage?

I’m still struggling with this concept. These things cost less than train and highway construction? And they’re more efficient than planes? Well, if so, then what the heck are we waiting for? All of those reported facts would suggest a relatively inexpensive method of travel. Well, inexpensive if you’re taking into account supply, demand, popularity and profit.

So, how far out are we from seeing such technology put to use? Yes, I’m leading you down that line of questioning because it would seem like this is many years from being implemented. Nope. That’s reportedly not the case. These tubes can theoretically be put to use hauling cargo within the next decade.

We’re living in the future, folks. It’s pretty sweet.

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