You’ll Soon Be Able to Ask Google For Nutritional Information

Good news, nutrition nuts: you’ll soon be able to Google your food to see if it’s worth shoving into your main facial oriface.

Google recently announced plans to provide nutritional data for more than 1,000 different food items. The list includes a wide range of fruits, vegetables, meats and even complete meals.

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In effect, this means Google users can ask questions like “how much fat is in a flank steak?” or “how many calories are in chow mein?” and get instant answers.

If the idea catches on and Google expands the project, it’s possible you’ll be able to search just about any type of food and instantly get nutritional information. That could be helpful for those moments when you absolutely crave something awful, like movie theater popcorn. “Oh, there’s a bajillion calories in that? Never mind,” you might say.

The Google feature also provides information related to carbohydrates, making it easier for people to maintain a low-carb diet.

United States-based Google users will get access to the new feature in the next week or so. For now, the service is limited to the English language. No word yet on if the feature will roll out to include other languages and nations.

It’s also unclear if the new feature will cause the people behind the actual websites dealing with this stuff to shake their fists in a threatening manner.

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