WATCH: Russian Daredevil Jumps Off Mount Everest (VIDEO)

Photo credit: Red Bull

Photo credit: Red Bull

Red Bull continues to give money to human beings who like to jump from really high places and plummet back to Earth, proving that Red Bull doesn’t actually give you wings. Last year, it was Felix Baumgartner, who set a new world record for longest freefall when he leapt from (fell off might be a more accurate description) a helium balloon 24 miles up in the Earth’s stratosphere. This time, it’s a Russian daredevil named Valery Rozov.

The objective this time around? Climb Mount Everest to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the mountain’s first successful ascent (by Sir Edmund Hillary) and then jump off the mountain.

Unlike Baumgartner’s jump, this one didn’t happen with all of the Internet watching it live (and all of Twitter complaining about it taking too long). You better believe there were cameras there to capture it all on film, though.

This is what it looked like:

While Rozov technically did jump off Mount Everest, it’s worth noting that he didn’t jump from the summit. Still, he was up high enough that he flew for about a minute, with the help of a wingsuit, on his way back down to the ground. Rozov took off from 23,687.7 feet above sea level, which is a record for highest base jump attempted.

Previously, the daredevil had jumped into an active volcano.

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