Was James Lipton Really a Pimp in Post-War Paris?

Photo via Anything but Theist

Photo via Anything but Theist

James Lipton is quite proficient in speaking with fellow thespians. He has a unique gift of coaxing them into a rare comfort zone, allowing them to open up and share intimate stories about their lives and craft. If you’re familiar with Inside the Actors Studio, you may have wondered where he developed such a fine set of skills. Wonder no more.

Lipton just revealed that he spent several years in 1950s post-war France, serving as a caretaker for Parisian prostitutes. And if there’s one thing you can say about prostitutes, it’s that you should never use their services. But if there’s another thing you can say about prostitutes, it’s that they’re probably some of the greatest actors/actresses the world has ever known. And that’s probably where Lipton refined his skill set.

Watch a single episode of Lipton’s Inside the Actors Studio, and you’ll be tempted to say, “This James Lipton dude is such a pimp!” And now we know the reason why: he really was. It’s quite satisfying.

The 86-year-old actor and writer opened up about a relatively sketchy past, as well as his adventures and misadventures in war-ravaged, poor and rebuilding Paris in an interview with Parade magazine. As a young American in Paris, Lipton says he ran out of money and struggled to find work. So, being the human-whisperer that he is, he began to look after the local working girls.

As we can all imagine, he was probably the kindest pimp to ever walk a city street. However, the experience certainly reformed his views on sex. Lipton has been married for 40 years now, and he had this to say about paying for sex: “If you can’t earn it on your own, then you don’t deserve it.”

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  1. Wait, is he saying if you can’t earn sex without paying for it, or does he mean if you can’t earn as a hooker on your own you don’t deserve it?