Keyshawn Johnson Is Reportedly No Fan of Justin Bieber’s Driving

Photo credit: Debby Wong /

Photo credit: Debby Wong /

Justin Bieber is at it again, reportedly driving his Ferrari at absurd speeds through his Calabasas neighborhood. Once before, I wrote about an incident in which a neighbor attempted to confront Bieber for his high-speed antics. The Biebs apparently became quite contentious. (For all you Bieber fans, here’s a link to the definition of contentious.)

Yes, I swore off posts about the Biebs, but sometimes newsdays are just excruciatingly slow. And sometimes you just can’t deny the power of a magnetic douche.

As reported by TMZ, Justin Bieber has now made a new frenemy in former NFL wide receiver and present ESPN personalityKeyshawn Johnson. According to the report, Bieber sped past Johnson, who was transporting his child back to their residence. Johnson took the child home, then put the hammer down in his 98-horsepower Prius to chase down Bieber in his Ferrari.

This story couldn’t possibly get more exciting than that, could it?

No, unfortunately it can’t, because Bieber reportedly hid in his house once Johnson arrived to confront him. I seriously hope this isn’t the end of the story. Maybe it’s just the end of the first chapter.

As a footnote, Keyshawn isn’t the only former NFL player who had something to say about the Biebs’ breakneck speeding. NFL Hall-of-Famer Eric Dickerson had this to tweet:

If Eric Dickerson says you’re driving too fast, then you’re driving too fast.

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